(CLOSED) - OER Profile Phase 3.15 - Verification?

I cannot retrive any dynamic traffic information from the border routers R2, R3 & R5.

MC (master controller = R2) as per workbook config.

I have tripple checked my configuration, my SLAs are in place and running however I still do not have any detail of traffic.

Anyone have any ideas?

I am using dynamips/GNS3 with IOS: C3640-IK9S-M

I also have full connectivity as per the OER initial configs.

Please help.





  • I failed with Dynamips when I tried to do IP SLA.

    I was using a 3700 series image. 

    I gave up with some of these advanced features and use Graded Labs now. 

  • It only seems to be passive monitoring that does not record any prefixes within OER, ie, the netflow component. When I manually configure OER prefixes and use active monitoring I seem to get all the recorded traffic flows.

    An example would be using an OER-MAP and pointing it to a prefix list then generating manual traffic.

    Strange thing is, when I enable netflow manually and configure, for example, the top-talkers feature I can retrieve all recorded traffic flows.

    I may need to put this one in 'the drawer'and move on. However if you have any suggested ideas I would be very grateful?

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