Lab1 4.3 question:PSTN access point


The Lab 1 4.3 HQ Call routing requests that 'the phones should use the on-site gateway as the primary PSTN access point'. Does it mean that they should have also secondary gateways? In real world if a phone can't access PSTN through on-site gateway (if it means the local gateway if I didn't make a mistake), is it usual to use a remote gateway to access PSTN (Although sometimes TEHO is a nomal implememtation)? Back to this issue, does this request imply that we MUST set a secondary gateway as the secondary PSTN access point, or it is just OK at least one primary PSTN access point?




  • Hello Jordan,


    When reading tasks in both our workbooks and the real CCIE Lab exam, remember that you are only required to configure what is explicity asked for, or leave out configuration implicity stated. In other words, if a secondary or redundant gateway is not asked for in a task, than it is not necessary to configure.


    Hope this helps.

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