Security Lab 3.0 Blue Print


I have my Vol 1 and 2 of the latest BP. Vol2 seems to be an updated one of Volume 2 from the earlier Blue Print (same labs and questions modified to remove topics such as VPN 3000 Conecntrator).

Is there any additional lab I can expect? - Such as 5 more really tough Labs that I can use along with Assessment help from INE?




  • SecLearner-

    Thanks for your post.   Labs 6-9 are significantly different content.   Not only did we remove non related elements but included items such as LDAP, Transparent IOS Zone Based Firewalls, VRF aware IPSec, etc. Lab 10 is a monster (in a good way) that will challenge candidates to the core.

    We are in the finishing stages of the rewrites for Vol1, and will be posting those as they are completed.   

    If you can complete labs 6-9, and are absolutely solid with all the content there, including troubleshooting when configs don't go exactly right, then you are very likely ready for the lab, or possibly a live bootcamp to work on any  rough areas.

    Also, please be aware that the INE v5 content correlates to
    the Cisco CCIE Security blueprint 3.       (INE older v3 content is for
    the older ver2 blueprint.)


    Thanks,  Keith

  • Hi

    Thank you for clearing my perception - I had looked at Lab 1 and extrapolated as you can see.

    I have finished Advanced Technology class DVD and the written.

    Started with Volume 1 after mastering it, I plan on going to lab 1, 6thru 10 and use 2 to 5 as additional self assessment labs (meaning testing myself in a simulated exam environment).



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