Dynamips and Volume 1 R&S workbook

Apologies if this has been asked before.

I am new to dynamips and i have just started my CCIE studies. I want to work though IE Lab Workbook Volume One using Dynamips but i am unsure on a few things,

1) Can i replicate the overall topology for Volume 1 in Dynamips (gns3)

2) Redgarding the frame realy switch, do i use the built in one (GNS3) or do i use a router with "frame relay switching" applied to it.

3) How do i replicate the switching parts of the topology, do i use the NM16ESW module or the  Ethernet Switches built in GNS3 (i am not doing any of the switching tasks until the end) starting with frame relay and working through to routing etc.

Thanks for your time.

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