IP Blue softphones


i was wondering is anyone using the IP Blue softphones with the INE rack rentals. Is it possible to use more than one instance of the softphone with the rack rentals?


thanks for the help



  • Hello Voice4me,

    You can in fact use multiple instances of IP Blue with the rack rentals, there are many instructional guides available online. The link below details the steps:



  • Thank you Josh,

    I have some more questions. I rented a rack from INE and tried to run two instances of IPBLue. I could do that, but the IPBlue phones didn't register. They kept trying to find the TFTP server. I put down as the TFTP server in IP Blue. Thats the PUB IP address.

    All I did was configure IP Blue with the MAC address of the microsoft loopback interface and the NIC interface. Then I configured the phones into CUCM. Then II configured each line of the phone's with extensions 1000 and 1001 respectively. I then started up IPBlue and the phones kept looking for the TFTP server.

    Can anyone see if I'm doing anything wrong here?



  • Hello,

    Did you ensure that all services, such as TFTP, and Call Manager were enabled on the Publisher? In addition, you must ensure that the hostnames have been replaced with IPs in the enterprise parameters for the Publisher.

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