UDLD Issue


While I was beginning on doing some work from the lab workbook, I loaded some pre-configured configurations that I saved so I would not have to go back and do all of the vlan creation, assignments and trunk ports.  I loaded them and all was well. I verified my trunk links as well. I skipped the 802.1d section and went straight to MIST.  I began my configuration and all went well.  Convergence was ok as far as I could tell.  I then moved to the next secion to assign loop guard and udld to all trunk ports.  Well, as I was doing the configuration, most of my trunk ports started failing and complaing about UDLD detection and most of my trunk interfaces went into errdisable state except for one.  I did a debug udld events and could see nothing out of the ordinary.  I began to re-enable my trunk links and all went well and no more UDLD detections.  Has anyone else experienced this with MST or any other type of STP?



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