QOS section INE Workbook



Was trying out Vol 1 Ver 5.0 INE Workbooks QOS section. In Task 10.2 (page 35) where two flows are created by downloading ios images from R1 and R6. It was not working . The download or copy from SW2 and SW4 will keep failing with error Error.......(Broken Pipe). It was possible to download successfully from R5 and from R4 as well but a bit slowly. When I increased the clock rate between R4 and R5 to 2000000 (instead of the 128000 mentioned in the workbook)  the download started to occur still slowly but still only on one device at a time i.e. either on SW2 or SW4 but not together.


Was the config on the workbook tested on the same h/w / IOS combination as the Graded labs racks?



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