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HI, I'm new to this forum, so go easy on me!  I'm setting up a SIP endpoint for a branch site.  I have got Sip fw version 3-05-2 on the phone as its the only one I can find that works.  I find that the phone does not register with the CME, but it can call the skinny phone which is  registered.  The skinny phone gets a busy tone when trying to call the sip phone.  I even manually put a sip dial peer on the system to direct to call but to no avail, also the IP-IP GW is set up to allow the calls between protocols.  Can anyone tell me where I am going wrong?


Thanks in advance


  • Hello,


    Thanks for the post, and hopefully we can help you out. SIP registration can be a little tricky/buggy with CUCME.


    Few questions:

    What verion of CUCME are you running?

    Is the phone on the local LAN segment that CME is on?

    Please paste your config for the voice register global, pool and DN configuration so that we can troubleshoot a little easier.



  • Hi,

    The version of CME is 7.1  The phone is on the same LAN segment as the CME and the config is as follows:

     voice register global
     mode cme
     source-address port 5060
     max-dn 10
     max-pool 5
     load 7960-7940 P0S3-05-2-00
     authenticate register
     tftp-path flash:
     create profile sync 0005612945700606
    voice register dn  1
     number 3002
     name Br2Ph2
     label Br2 3002
    voice register pool  1
     id mac 001D.4596.16F2
     type 7960
     number 1 dn 1
     dtmf-relay sip-notify
     username br2ph2 password cisco
     codec g711ulaw

    Any time i try to upgrade the sip image, it tells me its looking for a *.sbn which is not in the flash.  Also now that I've made it a sip phone I can't run a factory reset.  Is there a new procedure?


  • Phill,

    The file the phone is requesting (.sbn) is a loader file for the firmware process. There may be an issue with the version of firmware you are running and the CME process. It is recommend to use at least version 8. The package content should looke like the files listed below, and can be downloaded from Cisco:




    Your configuration looks correct, the only thing you could try is to issue a create profile  again under Voice Register Global. Unlike SCCP and the Telphony-Service process, the configuration profiles are not updated after config changes, as they are with cnf files. This requires you to issue a create profile after any change to a Voice Register section (global, pool, dn)


    Finally, the reset process is in fact different for SIP Phones.

    Power cycle the phone using the following keys at the same time (* 6 Settings). This will reset the phone, then hold the # key immediately. The phone will then display a message saying reset key sequence detected. Press 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 * # 0, then accept the erase settings.

    Hope this helps

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