If you have 1 switch and the following config.


ip vrf VPN_ISP

rd 100:100

route-target both 100:100


ip vrf VPN_clientA

rd 100:101

route-target both 100:101


ip vrf VPN_clientB

rd 100:102

route-target both 100:102


int vlan 100

ip vrf forwarding VPN_ISP

ip address


int vlan 101

ip vrf forwarding VPN_clientA

ip address


int vlan 102

ip vrf forwarding VPN_clientB

ip address


int g1/1

desc "TO ISP"

ip vrf VPN_ISP

switchport access vlan 100


int g1/2

desc "TO ClientA"

ip vrf VPN_clientA

switchport access vlan 101


int g1/3

desc "TO ClientB"

ip vrf VPN_clientB

switchport access vlan 102


Is there anyway that I can leak the ISP Vlan 100 route to VLAN 101 & 102 without Vlan 101 & 102 connecting to eachother? I treid exporting the route-targets but isnt that only for communities?


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