Vol2 Lab2 Ver5 Current (3.0) Blueprint Issue Help

I'm working through the Vol2 Lab2 Version 5 lab for the current 3.0 blueprint and have some confusions:

- The initial configurations have a serial link turned up between R4 and R5 however this link isn't shown on the accompanying lab diagram

- The lab never seems to use the above link as it never requests to advertise the network into any IGP, once you get to the BGP poriton however the Task 3.1 chart asks you tou build a BGP neighbor relationship from R4 to R5.

- The solution guide for 3.1 however never shows any configuration relating to the above R4-R5 piece of the task.

I very well might have completely overlooked something, botched my initial configs, or similar but my first pass review of this hasn't turned anything up and I wanted to see if anyone was aware of this.


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