Phone TFTP config Download and ACL on the way


TFTP and the Softswitch are located on 2 different server, for the TFTP side I allowed the phone to see only TFTP port on that server as below ACL :

Phones get DHCP info + TFTP option from the local router , here is the ACL on the router


ip access-list extended voice

permit ip host  ( is the softswitch & is the phone IP range) 

permit udp host eq TFTP   ( is the TFTP server)


***** My question is ,

Although in the ACL log I see that tftp line has matches but when I telnet to the phone shows the TFTP (I have option 150 in the router DHCP to pass as the TFTP server)

Am I missing something in my ACL? or Concept wise is this possible?





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