CUCM 7 MGCP GW status/ip unknown unknown

I am adding a ISR 2811 to the CUCM as a MGCP gateway, everything is working. However from the CUCM Gatwway page, I see the status and IP address are unknown. IS this right?


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    This can be a common issue in CUCM due to a few possible reasons. The first step to try is to click reset on the gateway endpoint configuration page for the MGCP gateway on the CUCM server itself. On the router, also issue a no mgcp then mgcp command to restart the MGCP process. You can then use the IOS show command "show ccm-manager" to ensure the registration has taken place. If the IP address if still not showing up in CUCM, restart the RIS Data Collector service from the Serviceability subsystem under Network Services. This service can be buggy, and must be restarted at times, to display accurate database information in relation to device/hardware entries.


    Hope this helps




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