tools to mesure voice quality

hi, just to ask what  tools that i can use to mesure factor that affect voice in VoIP Network, such as


- delay

- jitter

- packet loss


thank for your reply


  • extended ping is one off the tools


    also u can use "sh call active vo br" or " sh call his vo br" to see the drops / jitter as well as the early packets


    these is on production n/w




  • thank for your reply, if i use extended ping, do i need to add -l to set size of ping packet = to size of voice packet?

    because test is for voice,not for all traffic. since size of voice packet is fixe , i thing codec G711 (64k) +IP header , i can set approximatively size to 128k.


    i use ping because i will these test directly between end PCs with IP Softphone installed


    thank again

  • Hi,


    yes u can use it , but basically i use this for jitter and drops with tos byte ( for correct qos)


    if u want more detail u can also use the SLA with jitter( their is voice under this object, but we still use jitter, see cisco doc)




  • Piatthi,


    You can use IPERF. It`s a free DOS based application that works in a client-server manner. You can personalize the traffic with the Cisco Voice options.



    Best regards,


    João Paulo Wolf

    CCIE #22071

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