Configuration tactics

While doing INE labs, I have got into the habit of writing my configs into notepad then pasting them into the console session once I feel they are ready. I feel that this might be slowing me down. What do you guys think? I am trying to shave off at least 30 mins from my average lab completion time. Any tips?


  • I find "writing the configs in notepad first" makes me go faster and also shorten's troubleshooting time with silly typo mistakes.

    Though I do only do this when a tasks ask's to implement on multiple devices i.e. if its a simple one line tasks on one device then i just do it...


  • Thanks for your input The Tick!

  • There are core sections that i do in notepad. mostly the sections i know by hart, they are listed below. I like it because if you have issue you can quickly blow away your bad config and not lose alot of time.

    Switching ( switchport, etherchannel, VTP)

    BGP ( full config)

    IGP redist.


  • How do you guys combat the problem of the pasting the config in.  Sometimes I will find the config pastes i faster than it is suppose to and errors and misses stuff.

  • I always watch the screen when I paste in. To make sure I didnt do any typo's, and if there are typo's then I 'try' and paste the whole config back in again...obviously if the config created route-maps,class-maps, ACL etc....then I do a no acl in the beginning of the new paste.


  • hey canuck,

    i am also a notepad guy, but try to limit it a little bit will save you time. I used to do EVERYTHING in notepad, but that doesnt work well at the end when you forget to add a - or anything other small thing. I  find it very useful to setup port-channels and the correct encapsulations and order to apply them (shut first and at the end a no shut)

    for bridging and switching notepad is my friend, also for small 'bulk' work like router bgp x, no auto- bgp router-id is all pasteable!



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