Question on HSRP output

Folks, can someone explain the rationale to answer the question below:

You notice that your HSRP Active Router is displaying an error regarding the IP address of the Standby device.

The error indicates a duplicate IP address on the network. What is the most likely scenario?

a) HSRP priority is set too low

b) HSRP config is fine.


Can someone please explain which would be the answer on this again and why?



  • Duplicate IP Address error has nothing to do with HSRP Priority unless there is some bug in the IOS ;)

    Answer will be " b) HSRP config is fine ". There is must be a duplicate IP address configured on the Lan Segment that is conflicting with the Standby IP Address.


  • Hi,

    As Zeeshan said, its nothing to do with HSRP infact moreover need to check spanning-tree loop or any culprit causing such issue. On behalf of past experience I would suggest checking culprit (it could be bad NIC, virus and etc) causing such issue or any application running on end user point.



  • Duplicate IP Address error should not be related to HSRP Priority unless the same ip address is already used someplace else....
    It is kind of funny, I think one of the questions on the simulation of IE have the same situation...any way time to get your hands
    dirty....your problem is spanning-tree related...either use another ip address or start looking around your differents tables for
    the ip address that you wanted to used originally......

  • Hi...

    I would like to suggest to review your SPT configuration, sometimes when a loop occurs HSRP could present weird or bad behavior.



  • The way I see it, then this question should be answered based on elimination of other less relevant alternatives. That is OK. That makes sense. Thanks folks.

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