filtering RIP routes

Dear All,

May I seek a help of experts on filtering RIP routes please. As of my knowledge this time I know that we can achieve it by using XOR but still having confusiion that how it does work at backend to achieve perticular routes out of all.

Lets assume that the routes - are being recieved, however we only
require - and or in vice-versa if we need to have only routes - and

On second case,if I do XOR calculation so I could achieve the expected routes but all in all not too sure how it work in actual groud for filtering routes on RIP.

XOR calculation which I am doing here, (Minimum prefix) need to XOR it with the maximun prefix required that is





10.172.1011.000  which is    {After XOR}

My understanding says that if I put ACL with wild mask 11 on third octact so I could achieve the above expected routes.


Please help to make me clear that how exactly we could learn and filter the routes.


Thanks and Regards




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