Voice Workbook I : MGCP T1 CAS issue ?



In Voice Workbook I, in CUCM section, at Chapter 2.20 (MGCP T1 CAS) , it seems the solution given doesn't work (or I missed something :).


You propose to use "ds0-group 0 time-slots 1-3 type e&m-wink-start" for controller T1 0/0 and, after that, to use Serial 0/0:23 to bind the Layer 3 packets to the CUCM system : "isdn bind-l3 ccm-manager".

But the Serial0/0:23 never comes up dynamically as it did in for the PRI example at Chapter 2.19... Please notice too that it is not possible to register correctly the MGCP gateway in CUCM.


I tried to use instead "ds0-group 0 time-slots 1-3 type none service mgcp" . With this conf, the MGCP gateway does register correctly, but the Serial interface never came up dynamically as for PRI and it is not possible to ask IOS to bind L3 to CUCM.


Any idea or expert advice ?





  • Hello SB,


    The configuration will be updated, as the layer 3 ccm-binding is not necesarry, as the serial-interface will not be created. This binding is only necessary for PRI links instead of CAS. This is one example of the limited functionality of CAS circuits, which should not play a major role in the CCIE blueprint.



    Thank You

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