CUCM7.0 BAT to subscribe phones to services eg. Extension Mobility

Hi Everyone,

In an organisation of massive phone base - over say 20,000 phones round the globe. How do you use BAT on CUCM7.0 to subscribe phones to crucial services like extension mobility and xml weblinks.




  • You can use BAT to administer phones based on groupings such as Device Pools. Each service can be different so the process can't be completely explained here, but the link below is the BULK Administration Guide from Cisco based on CUCM 7+



    Hope this helps

  • Hi Josh,

    Thanks for the reply and the link. I know what BAT is used for and how to use it. Just that, in CUCM7+, you don't have the option to select an "Phone Service" to subscribe to within the Bulk Administration page. 


    I've also tried using a ServiceURL with a Button on the Phone Button template, now that should work but I'm struglling with it. Having said that, BAT has an option for Assign IP Phone Services, but my Extension Mobility and customised xml services are not showing up in the list.


    Thanks for you help.

    Yemi Salau

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