Is there an errata? (Lab 2.1.4 listed ports)

Lab 2 task 1.4 states to "Configure interfaces Fa0/19 - Fa0/20 on SW1 and interfaces Fa0/13 - Fa0/14 on SW4..."

The solution document shows Fa0/19, Fa0/20, Fa0/21 interfaces configured.

So when I only configure , do I lose 3 points or does IE lose them?

Can I get an errata on these so I can really check my work? Are the labs updated on the website when errors are found?


  • Yes - we lose the points here. 

    Good job. 

    I will forward this bug report. We fix electronic copies right away. 

  • Great. I can't tell you how much it helps to get feedback in this forum from you guys.

    I find a lot of 'errors' but usually I find they are mine before I post. When I do post there is always some doubt, however with feedback and assurance I can be relieved that it is truly good troubleshooting on my part. As rare as that may be. ;)
  • Anthony, is there another place to send these suspected errors?

    I'm finding text eluding to a solution that is not provided in Task 5.5 of Lab 2 of v4.1 as well.

    I just downloaded a fresh copy and I don't notice any change to this task. But as this is something I'm learning it is hard to assume I know more than the publisher, and very important that there is solid feedback and correction.
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