CSA and CUCM DHCP issue ?



It seems that in order to use CUCM DHCP server, you have to disable Cisco Security Agent using "utils csa disable" from the CLI (and rebooting the server as requested by the CLI prompt).

Do you confirm this (I didn't find any information about this in your new V3 Voice Workbook) ?


Did I miss something ? Or - if this is correct - why this issue ? Bug ? Something misconfigured elsewhere ?





  • Hello,



    The cisco security agent should not affect the DHCP process at all. This is very odd that you had an issue with it. I have tested DHCP, and it is working on multiple racks. If you encounter this issue again, please send in a ticket so that we can investigate the issue.


    Thank You

  • Hi Josh,


    I do confirm this issue I had twice on vorack4. I will open a ticket next time I have it (sunday afternoon hopefully :-).

    You can have a look about this at : http://www.mail-archive.com/[email protected]/msg09147.html . And I noticed Mark Snow and friends writes in their workbooks about a CUCM / CSA / DHCP issue because of a CUCM 7 bug (but I won't paste explanations here respectfully to their work !).

    I would like to have INE experts advice about this issue encountered on GradedLabs racks because it could be the same problem or something different (depending on software version, the way you install it, etc.).





  • Hi SB,


    The issue is in fact a known bug, and it appears it has only affected a few racks. I will have this added as a note into the workbook, as it could very well come up in the lab environment. Thanks for the feedback on this, and good luck with further studies.

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