General Switching Question .

Hello Experts [:)]

i have a question about the strategy of doin' the lab ..

what is the best practise to do switching part ..

is it to configure the Trunks between switches before configuring any other things .. like Vlans .. VTP ?

i'v noticed that to configure the trunks as the first thing in the lab makes it easier to make the VTP propagate the vlans to the other switches .. as long as the VTP doesn't work without Trunks ..

i need your consultancy guys .. [:D]

thx a lot


  • The core tasks of the Lab Exam will include some form of trunking between switches to provide layer-2 connectivity between devices.

    VTP, trunking, and VLAN assignment are all related to layer-2 connectivity for the LAN. Some of this may be preconfigured, but you will probably have a number of tasks to complete yourself.

    I would advise reading over all of the LAN tasks, and then using the easiest way to get them all done - you may need to switch to VTP Transparent Mode later, but might want to use VTP Server Mode to propagate VLANS 1-1001 to the other switches before switching to Transparent Mode and configuring VLANS 1006+ on the individual switches.

    Some tasks, such as causing certain VLANs to take or not take a certain path are not core tasks - everything else should work without solving these tasks. You can come back to these tasks later if they are more complicated - if they are simple to do and you know how, get them done early on and nail the points down.

  • thank you alot  DarrellEscola  for your great cooperation :)

    i really appreciate it ..


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