BGP Peering Question - Task 5.1

I have a question in regards to the scoring of the BGP section. I have completed section 5.1 and verified full BGP peering and confirmed the backup peering session only came up when the Frame Link between R3 and R5 went down. However I set up my peering using Loopbacks as the source except for the sessions between R3 and R5 and R4 and R5 due to the backup requirement and the way the Loopbacks's were being routed throughout the IGP domain. Also, I did not configure router reflection on R4.

My question is would I have missed points if this were a real exam? Granted my method took a bit longer due to having to enable ebgp-multihop in a few instances and the extra command of specifying the bgp update source. But I did establish full peering as the question asked. Just trying to get an understanding of the grading in the actual lab.

Any incite into this would be greatly appreciated!


  • Well you gotta love it when you answer your own question. I would have missed points due to leaving off the route-reflector config on R4 due to the Full Mesh requirement of iBGP. Duhh!

    Also, I don't believe I would have lost points for configuring the peeing using loopbacks but since I missed the route-reflector requirement and there are no partial points I would have missed all 3 possible points...
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