Updated info on RTP

I just came back from my R&S lab in RTP and I thought that I'd pass on a few observations of the current state of the facilities.


First, the flag poles advertised in the directions on Cisco.com are still down.  So when you're looking for the entry into Cisco, don't be looking for the flag poles.

The lab area isn't too loud.  It's also at a comfortable temperature.  I was fine in a short-sleeve shirt.

They recently got some big 25" LCD monitors.  So you can actually have all of your CRT windows open at the same time and move between them easily.

Your work area can get a little cramped as you set out the diagrams, the lab document, and your scratch paper.

SecureCRT is still an older version without tabs.  The default color scheme is white background with black lettering.

Internet Explorer has a Find option just like FireFox.  It shows up in a bar at the bottom of the window and will start searching as you type, which I really appreciated.

The proctor that I had was pretty helpful.  I asked quite a few clarifying questions and was able to get the direction that I needed.  Though he did disappear into the attached conference room where we ate lunch.  So for a while, I thought he was actually MIA until I decided to hunt for him.


  • Good luck!  Was today your first crack at it?

    I was in RTP a month ago for the R&S lab -- SecureCRT defaulted to the "traditional" colors, black background with green lettering.

  • First try...  I'm sitting in my hotel room eagerly awaiting my results.

    I wonder if the SecureCRT settings are set by whoever used it last.  Not sure if they wipe out the profiles between attempts or not.  Personally, I like the green on black. But it wasn't worth my time to configuer it on each session.

  • Just read your "I passed" posting -- congrats!  Like you, I didn't bother trying to reconfigure SecureCRT...I'd sort of be surprised if it was even permitted on the Windows security settings.

    Congrats again!


  • Thanks for the congrats!  I should say that I did edit the scrollback buffer in SecureCRT from 500 to 5000 lines.  So you can make some changes.  But aesthetics weren't worth spending time on to me.

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