Task 9.4 vs. 11.1 - overlap


Task 9.4 states:

Configure your network so that ICMP traffic is only allowed into your network via VLAN 52 if the traffic was initiated from behind R5.

Should I configure entire network (all borders), or only R5 ? SG shows only R5 that is not so obvious.

Also Task 9.4 shows solution with named ACLs, which can not be used to account for access-violations that we are asked to do in Task 11.1. SG for 11.1 verifies that accounting is working with ACL 100 which is applied to e0/1 as DENY_SNMP in from 9.4 do. But we have only one ACL in both directions :(

Where I'm wrong ?

Also, IP addressing plan is incorrect - between R1 and SW1's fastEthernets should be 132.x.7.0, instead of current 132.x.17.0

Thank you for your comments!
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