Task 8.2 - Rate Limiting

8.2. Rate Limiting

• In order to ensure that users on VLAN 44 are being productive during

work hours your management has requested that all HTTP responses

sent out R4’s interface E0/1 be limited to 256Kbps between the hours of

8am to 5pm Monday through Friday.

• Configure R4 to reflect this policy.


In the solution guide, The police command was configured as : 

policy-map HTTP_POLICY


police cir 256000   <<<<<<----


What is the difference If I configured the "256000" Value without "CIR" keyword ? is it consider to be wrong answer ?




  • Does this work?

    access-list 144 permit tcp any eq www any time-range 8to5

    time-range 8to5
     periodic weekdays 8:00 to 17:00

    class-map match-all aaa
     match access-group 144
    policy-map HTTP

     class aaa
      bandwidth 256
    interface Ethernet0/1

      service-policy output HTTP

    That is, instead of using police, can we use bandwidth?




  • The bandwidth keyword is used to guarantee bandwidth for a QoS class. The police bandwidth is used to enforce a limitation on a QoS class. "Bandwidth" will permit more than the guaranteed bandwidth if there is no congestion - "police" will discard traffic in excess of the rate permitted and does not create any kind of guaranteed bandwidth.

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