TASK 2.2 - FR Point-to-point

2.2. Point-to-Point

• Configure a Frame Relay connection between R1 and R5.

• Do not use Frame Relay Inverse-ARP.

• Do not use subinterfaces on R1.

• Do not use the frame-relay map command on R5.


What would be the problem if I used on R1 "frame-relay interface-dlci 105" instead of "frame-relay map ip 105 broadcast " ?

Since R1 have only one logical DLCI  to R5 ? Is it going to be considered a wrong answer in the LAB exam ?


  • The physical/main frame-relay interface is always non-broadcast multi-access and all DLCIs are assigned to the main interface by default. You are not permitted to use a subinterface on R1.

    The frame-relay interface-dlci command on the main interface accomplishes nothing - the DLCI is already assigned to the main interface - the router will not know which DLCI to use (even if it only learns one DLCI from the frame-relay switch - do "show frame-relay pvc" to see the DLCI(s) learned) without the frame-relay map statement.

    By default the router will use inverse-arp, including broadcast, to map any neighbors with ip enabled, but that is prohibited by the task for R1 and R5. Think about what is not prohibited or required on R5.

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