Task 4.1

When asked: "There should not be a DR election on this segment"

Is there any other reason why point-to-multipoint has been prefered over point-to-point besides that its needed in this scenario to form the adjacencies? e.g on a ethernet segment between two hosts


  • Hi ahenning,

    The requirement is to have no DR/BDR elections on the Frame Network which consists of Routers R1,R2, R3 and R4. So it would be a p2mp instead of a p2p network because its a fully meshed network. If there are only two routers on an ethernet segment, then p2p will be the choice.

    Thanks and Regards,
  • Yes, thats not the question, im aware of this scenario. The question is, is there any other reason to use p2mp over p2p when asked not to elect DR on either broadcast or nbma besides that it is needed in this scenario to form the adjencies or when reachability is needed between spokes that dont have a mapping between them?
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