CCIE Voice COD content


I think I'm missing something really basic here.


I just got the Voice COD stuff, and on going through the classes in order I've been through the first two classes (2X course introduction) and then started on the third.

On the third video (CCM Conferencing), when Brian went to the config there was a lot of config already on his screen and he said something about going through it all earlier in the week. Also, on one of the intro ones, Brian mentioned something about a 10 day course.


My version only mentions a 5-day course, and there does feel like there is a lot missing. Can anybody help me understand thi?


PS, I do realise that this is all out of date anyway as the old version is null and void in two weeks. Does anyone know when the new COD is being released?


Thanks! [:)]


  • Hi Phil,

    Actually, I was supposed to be on the very 2 weeks course where the first COD was recorded. You know what, CCM was one of the last topics treated in that course initially. CME and CUE were treated before CCM, I found it kind a wierd in the first place, but I was granted access to the first 2 versions of COD and I noticed a misarrangement in the second version, ie. they now moved CCM classes up the scale whereas it was below CME and CUE in the previous COD version.


    One thing I found really wierd is that Cisco Unity is not on any of those versions, or am I missing something?



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