task 4.9 NAT

Rack1R4(config)#route-map POLICY permit 10
Rack1R4(config-route-map)# match ip add 100
Rack1R4(config-route-map)#set interface loopback 0
% route-map:can not set interface.
% Use P2P interfaces for set interface clause

How can I get lo0 be the course interface?


  • Can you please send your config on int lo0 ? [*-)]

  • And why the lab Do`s and dont`s says: "do not use any static routers, default routers, default networks, or policy routing..."



  • I also get same output - Any Idea's

    RSRack2R5(config-route-map)#set interface loopback0       
    %Warning:Use P2P interface for routemap
                    set interface clause

  • it works now

    It appears the notification doest stop the interface been applied to the router map policy


    RSRack2R5#show route-map POLICY
    route-map POLICY, permit, sequence 10
      Match clauses:
        ip address (access-lists): 100
      Set clauses:
        interface Loopback0
      Policy routing matches: 0 packets, 0 bytes
    RSRack2R5#config t
    Enter configuration commands, one per line.  End with CNTL/Z.
    RSRack2R5(config)#ip lo
    RSRack2R5(config)#ip local po
    RSRack2R5(config)#ip local pol
    RSRack2R5(config)#ip local policy ro
    RSRack2R5(config)#ip local policy route-map POLICY
    RSRack2R5#ping source f0/1
    *Aug 31 10:07:24.160: %SYS-5-CONFIG_I: Configured from console by console
    RSRack2R5#ping source f0/1

    Type escape sequence to abort.
    Sending 5, 100-byte ICMP Echos to, timeout is 2 seconds:
    Packet sent with a source address of
    Success rate is 100 percent (5/5), round-trip min/avg/max = 4/7/12 ms
    *Aug 31 10:07:26.696: NAT: creating portlist proto 1 globaladdr
    *Aug 31 10:07:26.696: NAT: [0] Allocated Port for -> wanted 29 got 29
    *Aug 31 10:07:26.696: NAT: i: icmp (, 29) -> (, 29) [240]    
    *Aug 31 10:07:26.696: NAT: s=>, d= [240]
    *Aug 31 10:07:26.704: NAT: i: icmp (, 29) -> (, 29) [241]    
    *Aug 31 10:07:26.704: NAT: s=>, d= [241]
    *Aug 31 10:07:26.708: NAT: i: icmp (, 29) -> (, 29) [242]    
    *Aug 31 10:07:26.708: NAT: s=>, d= [242]
    *Aug 31 10:07:26.716: NAT: i: icmp (, 29) -> (, 29) [243]    
    *Aug 31 10:07:26.716: NAT: s=>, d= [243]
    *Aug 31 10:07:26.728: NAT: i: icmp (, 29) -> (, 29) [244]    
    *Aug 31 10:07:26.728: NAT: s=>, d= [244]

  • Mine doesnt seem to be working...I keep getting that message as well, but my interface is not being applied in the set statement like the previous posters.  I heard this works in older code, but not the newer stuff like 12.4.  Is this the case?  I tried a workaround using the nvi, and ip nat enable, but couldnt get that to work either. 

  • You could also use "set ip next-hop" instead of "set interface." Just specfy a dummy address that would be on the same network as the Loopback0 interface, such as 150.X.5.55.

  • Agree, isn't this policy routing?


  • What a waste of time... I tried over a hour (before looking for the answer) to do this without policy routing as it was restricted in Do’s and Don’ts!

  • I was really sure this was going to work

    int s0/0/0.1 
    ip nat enable

    int fa0/1 
    ip nat enable

    ip nat pool MYPOOL prefix-length 24 

    ip nat source list 1 pool MYPOOL

    access-list 1 permit ip

    But it didn't because local generated traffic won't apply to nat, so funny because with ip nat inside and ip nat outside this works fine but its a resctriction, so it doesn't even work with ip nat outside on the loopback. The WB uses PBR... that is not allowed... one trashed hour.

    Anyway just another experience.

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