Advice on chosing place to write CCIE lab

Hi All,

I am willing to write my lab exam on August and currently having two choice either Sydney or Tokyo to write my exam as can't see any availibilty of free seats to book my exam at any other sites.


I am seeking to have words by all those fellow, senior CCIEs who might have had experience at any of the site and their advice might help me to let my self confort while chosing place to write CCIE lab.


Please help to drop your words and guide where can I go ahead to write my lab.


Thanks and Best Regards


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  • There should be no difference at any site for exam. All sites are same essentially. Just book for site which is more suitable as per cost and travel.



  • Um, hello. By far people are sometimes having terrible experience with Japanese lab, considering visa troubles and higher costs overall. I'd recommend you to go with Sydney as it's much safer option and i think you will like it. I was working for for some long time and was writing a lot of research papers so i had a lot of experience with labs. Sure you can pick Japan as well, i don't mind. Had no troubles with it but considering other opinions it's a coinflip. So, you decide :)

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