DND feature



I am trying to complete lab 2.14(Common Profiles) from Vol1 V3.  I am having issues with DND.  I can configure the softkey template, and the button shows up, but when I click on DND, various things happens.  One phone says "Transfer Destination Busy", another phone says "DND is active", but then allows calls through anyways, and a third phone does absolutely nothing.  This may be because I'm using CIPC and IP Blue soft phones.  I have loaded them up as SIP clients instead of SCCP, so I'm thinking this may possibly have something to do with it.  If anyone knows the answer, that would be great, but what I would like instead is if someone knew of a tutorial for how to read the SIP Traces in the Trace File from RTMT.  I have googled to my heart's content and I do not see any trace tutorial's.  I have started to go through the Troubleshooting Guides on Cisco's website, but I have yet to see anything that helps.  Thanks for any help.

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