Task 4.3

In task 4.3,why cant we make area3 and area 33 as stub.Also for area 255 do we have to configure SW3 and SW4 also in OSPF area 255?


  • Hi,

    it`s in the solution guide.

    while area 3 as stub configured, sh ip ospf int e0/0 for example shows:

    Ethernet0/0 is up, line protocol is up
    Internet Address, Area 3
    Process ID 1, Router ID, Network Type BROADCAST, Cost: 10
    Transmit Delay is 1 sec, State WAITING, Priority 1
    No designated router on this network
    No backup designated router on this network
    Timer intervals configured, Hello 10, Dead 40, Wait 40, Retransmit 5
    oob-resync timeout 40
    Hello due in 00:00:07

    Hello due in ....

    The tasks asks for no hellos.

    Rack1R3#debug ip ospf hello
    OSPF hello events debugging is on
    *Mar 7 16:46:10.331: OSPF: Send hello to area 0 on Serial1/0 from
    *Mar 7 16:46:11.079: OSPF: Send hello to area 3 on Ethernet0/0 from

    SW3 and SW4 user the ip default-gateway.

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