Volume 3 workbook - does anyone use it?



I have all 3 IE workbooks (and the COD).  I have completed most of the chapters several times from Volume 1 (and viewed most of the COD).  The next natural progression would seem to be to work on Volume 3 (4 hour labs).  The only confusion I have is that no one seems to talk about Volume 3; only Volume 2 (8 hour labs).

My lab date is 60 days away and I don't know if I'll have time to complete them both.  It's tough to try to balance work, life, family, sleep, sanity, etc...

Any suggestions are appreciated.

Thank you!




  • Vol III workbook designed to help you build speed.  All 10 labs cover only core topics (Bridging and Switching, IGP, Redistribution and BGP).  In my opinion it's a great way to work on your speed building technique.  Tasks are not too hard but they are the most common configurations you would run into.  For example, setting up port-channel between switches (multiple ways to set up, ofcourse, but few things to mess up and then time lost while troubleshooting) ... also frame-relay (would be on ALL labs etc.  Vol II are full scale labs covering all topics and you would normaly need more than 8 hours to finish (at least my expirence).  Mixing them with Vol III will help with speed ....

    My suggestion is to start of on Vol II first 5 labs (get the feel for full 8 hour labs), then do few labs from Vol III to see how you can improve your speed.  Also, Anthony Sequiera did a great Open lecture series on Strategy (if you have purchased that product) so you can work on that as well while doing your labs. 




  • yes..i used vol 3..for speed..and also redistribution..

    if you notice the question, they are explaining how to prevent loop in redistribution..(that's where i found out)

    try to finish one lab in 2 hours..then you will be fine when you faced the actual lab..

  • Here's a strategy for using both Vol. 2 and Vol. 3 simultaneously:



  • Thanks everyone for your time!






      Hey Chris


      Vol3 help so much to get rid for redistributions. I did only 7 labs from vol 2 and all the Mocks Lab 1-7, and all the Vol3. My approach was doing 1 vol 2 lab at during the day and 1 lab during night. About 12 days i took 3 mock labs, 5 vol2 labs, and 10 Vol3 labs, and I passed -:).

      U have enough time to study, and please DOC CD due to OEQ.



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