task 1.8 - forward-delay timer adjustment?


Why is the forward-delay timer changed from 15 to 10 secs in the SG? The default max-age timer is already 20, and thats what the task is asking for? It should respond to an 'indirect link failure' in 20 secs, hence max-age.


  • hi wouter,

    it's funny to see the same people here all around these forums, if you look at the last forum posts you will find the same person at the top top of the list, just

    for few weeks, then a new top poster will come. [:D]

    maybe you've already found this answer, anyway i will answer as my best.

    you need to modify the forward delay timer in order to keep the sum of listening+learning state less than 20seconds,

    otherwise that step will last 15+15 seconds. Backbonefast indeed will not wait for the max age to expire, but moves the port which received the inferior bpdu

    immediately into the listening state.






  • hi federic,

    we are all on the same boat so there's change to have a small collision on a forum. ;)

    My understanding of this task was that 'something' had to be triggered within 20 seconds. So i thought i was finished after configuring BB fast. Not realising that i also had to configure the convergence time. Hope you understand what i was thinking about. :)

  • i did wouter, it's clear enough.

    even if i've found useful to repeat some labs in V5,  i remember the solution of 95% of the tasks.

    anyway, keep strong!


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