EIGRP distribute-list with a route-map and interface

I cannot get this to work.

I have tried a bunch of different things but cannot get eigrp to do anything with a distribute-list if I specify an interferface. even just a plain Jane route-map that permits anything and does something simple like sets a tag... But only if I specify an interface on the distribute-list statement. Is this a bug or some value added feature that doesn't really add any value? ADVENT 124-21a.

router eigrp 1
distribute-list route-map RMAP_SPEC_MED in FastEthernet0/0

router eigrp 1
distribute-list route-map RMAP_SPEC_MED in

I found this problem when doing the Cisco routing and switching digital shortcut. Lab 2, section 2.4, last task. You need to use a route-map to change the metric from one router on a broadcast network. I wasted a good hour checking different things before I finally removed the interface statement. Once I got it to work I looked at the lab debrief and the interface key word was used in the distribute-list statement.

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