Hardware Failure - no FR for 2.5 hours!


I just thought I'd share my recent experience at the Sydney Lab with you and see if anyone has had similar problems.

Yesterday was my first attempt at the R&S, to be honest I dont think anything can you prepare you for the amount of nervous energy this exam unloads on your body! I'm not easy troubled by things, but the amount of adrenaline and anxiety was insane! 

I got through the core knowledge questions 100% (thanks I.E!) but as soon as I began the first prac question I was baffled when non of the FR links would come up. I dont have a huge amount of production experience with FR, but it was clearly not receiving LMI so after 20 mins of trying different lmi types, encap ietf/cisco combinations I spoke to the proctor. He disappeared for 30 mins and came back to tell me it was a hw failure. When asked if I would get a time credit I was told bluntly - "no". The exam started at 8:25, and the FR wasn't fixed until 11am. This chewed into the time I would have spent building/verifying IGP.

I spoke to the proctor twice during the course of the day - each time met with curt responses like 'goodbye' or 'you'll fail'. At the very last minute I was given 20mins extra when he advised everyone else to finish up.

My feeling now (a day later) is that a) Cisco didn't provide a service which I paid $2400AUD for... not small $$$ for me b) the proctor made the experience much more unpleasant than it could have been.

I failed the exam, but by how much is anyones guess due to the scoring system. a total % would be nice! lol

So - anyone had a similar experience?


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