NSSA part

hi guys

the qustion asked about area 38 to see only default route and there was a a route win SW2 and SW3 with N2 each one represent the other one Lo0 and it was NOT /32 !! clearly we can see it need to be the area as totally NSSA


and  redistributing the loopback 0 on each of sw3 and sw2 into ospf to get it exactly as the questionen asked

however in the SG nothing done to get this point!!! i mean redist the lo0 !! on both sw2 and sw3 !!


  • when you leave the R1,R2,R3 cloud to ospf network type non-broadcast you wont have these /32's all over the place but there's a collision with another task. My guess is that the SG is created with this default network type. And later on the ospf network type has been changed for some reason because it might fit better in this situation ..

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