what is the best load balancing option for etherchannel to be used in 3560

I would like to to know, if i need to choose the best load balancing method for fault tolerence and load balance for the ether channel. what would be the prefered option in 3560

i would assume it would be "src-dst-ip".

i used the below reference guide

1) 1 Host---SWITCH-A====Etherchannel====SWITCH-B----1000 Hosts

 - Assuming all 1000 hosts are directly connected - anything with dst
in it is fine (dst-ip, src-dst-ip, src-dst-mac).  If there's a router-hop,
you would want to use dst-ip or src-dst-ip, since all the macs will be the
same.  (I guess you could argue that dst-ip is more efficient than
src-dst-ip, since the source IP would always be the

2) 1000 Hosts---SWITCH-A====Etherchannel====SWITCH-B----1 Host

 - Anything with src in it in general, but same concept applies.
If all 1000 hosts directly connected, src-mac is fine.  If some of the 1000
hosts are behind a router hop src-ip or src-dst-ip.

3) 1000 Hosts---SWITCH-A====Etherchannel====SWITCH-B----1000 Host

 - If all hosts are directly connected, src-dst-mac or src-dst-ip can
be used.  If there is a router-hop on either side, use src-dst-ip.


any comments would be highly appreciated.

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