Static mac address entries using same mac address for different vlans

I have a quick conceptual question....


Can you successfully assign the same mac-address using static mac address entries to two different Vlans?  For some reason, I keep thinking a mac address should be unique to all Vlans - not just within a single Vlan.


Can anyone shed some light on this for me?  This is basic stuff, I know; but, for some reason, its just not settling well with me.


  • think about using HSRP in different VLANs with the same group number and you will realize that mac-addresses only have to be unique within the layer2 domain (VLAN).

    There are some special cases and exceptions. For example in VPLS if you are using only one pseudowire between your PEs, overlapping MAC-addresses in different data centres (behind different PEs) will cause you problems. Cisco is coming up with a solution for this, 802.1ah, but I don't think it's quite ready yet.

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