Task 5.1 - 5.2 (BGP)

Maybe I'm missing something....


Question-1) Why are they redistributing BGP into IGP? Where is stated to do so? I checked and in all the BGP routers I can see the routes coming from BB1 and BB2 in the routing table.


Question-2) in task 5.2 my calculation of the summary was (/4) but in the solution they have a mask (/5)....what about you?







  • There is a requirement for all BGP speaking routers to have full reachability to the networks received from BGP.  You have to read between the lines here to realize that you must redistribute BGP into IGP.  If you don't do this, then R5 will be a blackhole for traffic destined to BGP learned routes (as it doesn't have routes to these networks).

    - Bobby

  • regarding the question to the summary, the SG is correct.  It should be

    I was a bit unclear to the task however.  It said to summaryize the following networks into a single advertisement which I took as meaning only send that one summary route out and not all the more specific networks as well.  So I did "aggregate-address summary-only".   I checked the SG and it had "aggregate-address".   I guess they wanted the summary plus all the more specific routes.  I need to learn to read these questions better :(

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