1.6 Spanning-Tree Protocol


How the highest numbered directly connected determined here? According to Trunk configuration in SW1 it should be Fa 0/13 not Fa 0/14. Any help will be great.





  • f0/13-15 SW1  connected to f0/13-15 SW2: Highest link is  f0/15 on SW1 and f0/15 on SW2 

    f0/16-18 SW1  connected to f0/13-15 SW3: Highest link is  f0/18 on SW1 and f0/15 on SW3

    f0/19-21 SW1  connected to f0/13-15 SW4: Highest link is  f0/21 on SW1 and f0/15 on SW4

    The task required the config on SW1, port-priority need do be changed on SW1 f0/15,f0/18,f0/21 in order to affect the highest link of SW2,SW3 AND sw4


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