Should I turn off proxy-arp and redirect on serial port??

As title,someone advise me do that!

and in my works, i do like that a long time,

but now ,i am wonder ,really shoud i do like that ? Turn off both on serial port?

proxy-arp is working for ethernet,so why serial port need to shut it for security ?

if turn on proxy-arp, what will happen??


Someone can explain for me?

thanks lots!




  • If it is lab related question, I would strongly recommend to do only what you are asked to do in lab tasks. End of the story.

    In real life, I personally use KISS principle (at least I try), so configure only features which are required in your scenario.

    It is true that some security recommendations say turn off particular global and interface level services. Potential impact on the network if you keep features A or B enabled really depends on scenario.

    Give us scenario and we will try to analyze it.




  • Thank seba !

    I face ccie isp lab test in few days.

    In the past years ,in my working life, i shut ip proxy-arp and ip redirect for all interface ,ethernet,serial,even loopback,

    although i know some of these is no necessary ! But who care about ? for example,shut proxy-arp 

    under serial port, is equel to turn on this feature,because proxy-arp is not related to serial link, shut or no shut does

    nothing .

    But in lab test,i really dont know if i should  shut it !

    My consideration,shut these all under all port is simple & stupid , but effective ,because after that,i dont need to check relate problem again.

    But on the other side , a man shut proxy-arp under serial port,may present that man dont really understand proxy-arp feature. And this may

    cause me lost points. How can i do now?   

    Who can help me  out  ?

    Thank lots!

    Regards !


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