CCIE Written R&S Exam Bootcamp

Hi Guys,

I happen to hear the rumours that CCIE written bootcamp will be added to our
CCIE 2.0 subscriptions, that what seems to be on the CCIE written bootcamp
webpage as well.

However, in your new (April '09) e-newsletter it's states: "You can
either take this class alone for $995 (live online), or you can bundle it with
CCIE 2.0 packages for only $499!"


Is this true? Does existing CCIE 2.0 customers needs to pay additional $500
to enjoy this bootcamp?


Anthony (Sequeira) please clarify this for us, so I can book my holidays on
June 22-26.





  • Sorry about the rumor, but it is a 2.0 Add On Product, which means existing CCIE 2.0 customers get a huge discount on this written preparation product. [8-|]


  • What about:

    $795 | Online Class-on-Demand Edition
    - Access Anytime! | Online | AVAILABLE IN JULY 2009!

    Will it be same as Live edition (CCIE 2.0 add on product with discount) or ... ?

  • Current CCIE 2.0 customers will get a huge discount on the Live Online and Class On Demand versions. 

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