Sun always shines in Dubai

Hello CCIE Community,

I would like to give you some advise if you are planing to take the Lab Exam in Dubai, since I took it there and I passed it :-)

First of all, take into account that the Exam Fee in Dubai is USD
294.00 cheaper than for example in Brussels due to the lack of  21%VAT.

Secondly, the hotels in Dubai can be very expensive if you want to stay
in a good one. What I did was to stay one week in a very nice hotel
with its own private beach where you can do aquatics sports like windsurf (and for free) or you can learn golf in its own academy if you want and it is a ***** as well. This hotel is in Ras Al Khaima and its approx. 120km away from the Cisco Building and the prices are much more accecibles than in Dubai. The name of the hotel is Al Hamra Fort Hotel.

I will recommend of course to go first to visit the Cisco
Building some days before your exam. The way is very easy but it could
be a little confusing at the end since you have to go through a tunnel and if you take the wrong way you will have to go a long way just to get there again :-). Anyway it took me
1h45m to get there THAT day. There is a big parking lot to leave your
car and believe me you will be the first one that day :-)

One advantage of taking the Lab Exam in Dubai is that the monitors are
bigger than the ones in Brussels. Another point to note is to take some
snacks with you since there is nothing to eat there but some snack machines and if you dont have any coins you wont get anything :-). I know that many people
don't care about lunch during the exam, but I DO. I love good eating
and I have to say that the lunch was much better in Brussels and we have to eat in a fast food restaurant.

That was my little experience in UAE. The idea behind it was to have kind of holidays, even if I couldn't pass the exam. My first attempt in Brussels told me that I only spend money and didn't have fun...

And don't forget...
The sun always shines in Dubai :-)


  • Ist many many congrts man on passing the lab....a guy told me that if u are going to dubai for lab take colour pencils with u coz they will not provide u is the i have to take colour pencils with me to make some exam is booked for 26th of this month. nd how was the  proctor in dubai is he helpfull ?

  • Hello raoburhan

    My experience was that in Brussels they didn't allowed me to take my
    own pencils, but they provide me with some awful colours like rosa and yellow
    :-); not really very helpful. But in Dubai the proctor allowed me to
    take my own pencils with me (although he looked at me quite strange).
    I really don't remember if they could provide me with colour pencils.

    The proctor was Yusuf Bhaji's. You can read more about him here:

    He only stayed a couple of hours and then another proctor took him over. Both of them were very kind.

    One more thing I would like to point out is that you can change the
    background colour of the CRT Windows in Dubai, so you can differentiate
    very clearly between switches and routers and avoid silly mistakes like
    configuring on the wrong device.

    have a nice day,


  • I didn't express myself properly, I meant to say that if MB are buying
    up outlets, al Ahram for example would possibly know about the rumour
    and if there is any truth in it.

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