Which are the best 5 labs to do before exam?

Hi Guys,

I still have enough tokens for 5 lab sessions before real SP lab exam. Out of 10 labs from IEWB, which 5 labs do you recommend before going for real lab?



  • Hi,

    My two cents: I'd go for 3,4,7,9,10

    I found some probs in dynamips for some of those which I didnt find on the real kit on rackrentals.

    Lab 1,2 are too easy for just before the real lab, Lab 6 needs a rewrite (IMHO). The other 7 are all pretty good so any from those - lab 10 I find VRF select doesnt work properly on dynamips but worked fine on real kit so is a good candidate.


  • I will add Lab 6 in the list! really good!




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