question on SW1 - Fa0/21 (Workbook III-Lab1)

I am running into a problem when I verify layer 2 basic connectivity, wondering if someone having similar problem?

The Fa0/21 is apparently a routed interface on the original config but it is at down/down state. I verify all the trunk and etherchannel, spanning tree,

looks working, but it is unable ping to R5 - 140.x.57.5. I created a "test" vlan interface 140.x.57.y on SW1 and shutdown the fa0/21 port and

it can reach R5 ok.

Is there something missing here??


  • What device and interface does SW1 F0/21 physically connect to?

  • I was wondering about this and sent a note to the quality guys to check for errors. I have not heard back since.


    This issue has also been pointed out in the forum as well

  • What I was getting at is that SW1 F0/21 connects to SW4 F0/15. SW4 F0/15 will need to be in the same VLAN as the interface connected to R5 F0/1.

  • sounds like a similar issue i was facing with lab 2 last night then.  (i.e layer 2 path)


  • ok ... SW4 fa0/15 probably was at shutdown state since SW1 fa0/21 was down/down. This seems not part of the troubleshooting session at the beginning of the lab..

  • I would consider this to be part of configuring the vlans correctly - see Task 2.1.

  • hah. Yeah, turning up interfaces isn't exactly "troubleshooting"... its more common sense.

  • started fixing this at the start of the LAB as I thought it was one of the initial faults :)

  • I thaught that was a fult too, or the ether channels... It started this lab like a pain.

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