IPCC Express Custom Script

Per the solution, we're supposed to match the calling number with a custom variable called strANI using the syntax:




However, whenever this is used, the Application update fails with the following error:  Application notification failed on the following server:   CCM-PUB


If i debug the script with the CRS editor, i also get the following error: 


"Java extensions are not licensed to support method invocations (line: 1, col: 1); nested exception is: com.cisco.expression:ExpressionLicenseViolationException:  java extensions are not licensed to support mething invocations (ine: 1, col: 1)



What is the correct syntax to match these variables?  If I use strANI == "3123333333" everything works fine, however I can see where I would have to match a string with ".startsWith" or ".endsWith" but these just don't seem to work.  Is it just a licensing issue with the version of IPPCX that is on these lab racks?

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