Lab 6 Task 3.3

So I wonder if I'm the only one seeing this behavior...

First off, let me say that I have checked my configurations against the solutions, enabled MPLS (TDP) on the ATM interfaces and everything that sould be necessary but I am still running into this problem.

When I configure the aggregate address on R9, the label that gets generated for that route is "unrecognized".

The debug ip bgp mpls output gives me this clue:

BGP: adding MPLS label to
BGP: check on in LDP - failed
BGP-IPv4: Send prefix, label unrecognized tag type

I'm not sure why I'm seeing this, but it makes the aggregate unreachable from the other side of the ATM cloud, and R2 shows the entry for 217's aggregate with an invalid label, see below

SPRack1R2#sh ip bgp labels
   Network          Next Hop      In label/Out label         nolabel/nolabel       20(from LDP)/nolabel         imp-null(from LDP)/nolabel       16(from LDP)/nolabel       22/nolabel       19(from LDP)/nolabel       21/nolabel       23/exp-null       24/242616

So is anyone else seeing this behavior?  I haven't done anything fancy, in fact, the only thing I have configured is sections 1-3.3 and then 4.1 (to enable TDP on the ATM interfaces).  I have verified that traffic works by removing the aggregate and allowing the specific 217 networks on the link.  When I do this, four networks with proper labels cross the ATM cloud and I can now ping R9's loopbacks from anywhere in AS200...

I think this may be a bug, but I'm running a diff version of code on another router that shows similar behavior.  Any thoughts???


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