Basic Route Patterns verification issue



After completing and troubleshooting the Basic Route Patterns lab task (Voice WB page 72) on the verification for the fallback to backup gateway on the step 3 I believe the verification call should be done by placing a call with 7 digits and not with  full E.164 10 digit number.


For example  


HQ IP Phone 3 calls the HQ IP Phone 2


Call Flow analysis


Step1: HQ IP Phone 3 with calling number 7752091003 Calls 92091003à

Step2: Much route pattern 9.[2-9]XXXXXX à

Step3: Which much PL_HQ_BR1à

Step4: Which include two route groups with the following order RG_BR1 (Strip    

           PreDot, Prefix 91775, Use External Phone Mask on), RG_HQà

Step6: Much the BR1_SIP _TRUNKà

Step7: Much the dial-peer voice 901 pots with destination-pattern 91[2-9]..[2-9]……$       

           and finally the call goes out from the BR1 to the PSTN and come back through   

           the 6608 T1 gateway to the HQ IP Phone 2 with called number 7752091002.


Please anyone can confirm if I’m right or wrong.  


Best Regards





  • Yes, you are. I think IE just intended to point out that the number you try to reach is part of the HQ local region code 775.

    But if you want your verification steps that much accurate then note that if you call 92091003 the called number comming from the 6608 T1 should go to 7752091003 not 7752091002 ;-)


  • Hello,

    Thank you for your the confirmation.About the call 92091003 was mistyping actually the test call was 92091002.

    Best Regards


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