Sip Trunk lab task issue



After completing and troubleshooting the SIP TRUNK lab task (Voice WB page 64) I concluded that is perquisite to configure a Media Resource List, where you have to include some software MTPs (CallManagers MTPs) or some hardware MTPs (dsps)  otherwise the inbound/outbound call from BR1 will fail. And I believe that is a normal attitude because the Media Termination Point Required box is always checked.


Please anyone can confirm if I'm right or wrong.  


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  • Hi Fireman17

    Not exactly. As long as you do not add the existing resources to any MRG they will be available for the trunk. Reason: as long as the resources are not assigned to a group, they are part of the "none" group. It's the same logic like having DNs in the none partition.


  • Hello voicejunkie,

    Your thought probably is correct if the rule for none partition and none CSS is fitting also with MTPs. Please can you provide me a link on where is saying this rule for MTPs because I search on SRND, System Cuide, Administration Guide of CCM 4.1.3 but I couldn’t find any reference.

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